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Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel (3 Syringes of 60 grams ea - 1 box)

Product Review (submitted on February 26, 2013):

My daughter and I decided to test both the maxforce FC magnum and the invict gold,We clean up rental properties and the pest control man was eating into our profits, sooo we tested it like this we each got 1 seringe each of the maxforce and one of the invict then picked two of the worst properties for bugs--they were awful -- I used the maxforce and she the invict with the idea of after 2 weeks we would swap to the other product to see which worked best.We baited in tiny amounts all over these two properties -- both mobile homes completely emptied of any other food stuffs and trash.
Neither of us got to try the other product because long before the two weeks were up them bugs were dead-- to give you an idea of the magnatude of the infestation I filled a wet dry vac with dead bugs -- how many died in walls or inaccessable ares IDK but both the maxforce and the invict did exactly what they were advertized to do.
We did for 25 dollars in a week what the orkin man could not do in two months at 4 times the price.

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