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Bonide Moletox II

Product Review (submitted on April 13, 2014):

Using multiple doses over the course of two or three weeks, this is very effective. Some people think they can put one dose in a tunnel and that should do it. Those people are wrong. This stuff only kills the moles that eat it. Two days after dosing, I stomp the tunnels down. If the tunnel come back up, or if new ones appear, I dose them immediately. And this is an ongoing maintenance issue. I keep at it throughout the summer when (and IF) a tunnel appears. No one ever permanently rids their lawn of moles unless they poison the entire lawn, which I will not do. This is safe, effective, and restricted to the moles and gophers (occasional chipmunk, too). The only moles I have now come in the early spring and they're gone for good by May.

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