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Bonide Systemic Granules Insect Control

Product Review (submitted on May 2, 2014):
Excellent product, and I have been using Idimacloprid for many years, only to be dismayed that I hadn't read the literature when Bayer upped the effectiveness to 12 months. Very happy when Bonide came out with the 8 week product so I could time application so as not to poison beneficial insects ie bees, pollinating wasps,etc, and hummingbirds. Applied in early March when red Lily Leaf Beetles first are active in our soil in Southern Maine, then again by May 1, and perhaps again by May 20, I have achieved very healthy stands of tiger lillys and orientals, etc. Without poisoning the insects I want to keep. This product is a real control for the buggers. Also should be applied to Lily of the Valley by Early March or as soon as snow cover gone. Thanks!