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Trapper Glue (Discontinued)

Product Review (submitted on July 29, 2014):
I live in w. Africa where lizards are a problem. They get in your house and leave droppings on the walls, in cabinets, and wherever they pass. Because I live in a rural area, there are other kinds of tropical creatures that manage to get into the house. I put glue traps on every window sill in my house, and have trapped a variety of critters - including a poisonous snake.

Making glue traps is not a problem for me. I cover cardboard with aluminum foil and use a little extra to make crimped edges so the trap is like a small pan. I stick a pair of scissors and a plastic spoon in a an old mayo jar of soapy water. I use the spoon to pull up a large strand of glue which I cut with the scissors and lay in the trap. The soapy water keeps the glue from sticking to the spoon or scissors. It doesn't matter if the glue starts off as a blob in one spot in the trap. It eventually (few hours) spreads out.

I buy this stuff when I'm in the States to take back to Africa. A gallon lasts about 3 years or more.