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PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Insecticide Aerosol with IGR

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2014):
We had a flea infestation after my dogs went to get groomed. We have hardwood floors, but we were finding fleas on the couch, in our rugs, and bed linens. We treated our pets with flea shampoo and Comfortis as well and sprayed our back yard. We were still finding fleas in our house.

I vacuumed everything really well, washed all of our bed linens and then sprayed the baseboards, upholstery, etc. I vacuumed again a couple of days later. I ordered a second can to use in 14 days as suggested.

It took a lot of time but was so much easier and better than the foggers. I could keep my pets outdoors until the fumes died down and everything dried. I would definitely recommend this for a cheap, effective option for fleas.