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Kness Tip Trap - Live Mouse Trap

Product Review (submitted on March 6, 2015):
Had a little problem with mice that the cats were not helping with. Ordered two of the tip traps and they were at my house within a couple days. Set them up per the instructions and within an hour we had caught our first mouse. It was effectively trapped but not harmed in the least. I freed the mouse in a nearby field.
Re baited the trap that caught the mouse with more peanut butter and moved the other one closer to where I had caught the first one. The next morning we had two more mice trapped. Went on like this until we no longer had a mouse problem. Just remember to check traps everyday otherwise there is no point to buying the humane traps.
I would recommend that if/when you make a transfer from trap to temporary storage container, do it outside because they are squirley and I had one escape from my clutches inside the house.