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Martins Fly-Ban Synergized Pour On

Product Review (submitted on March 30, 2015):
We lease a brushy pasture and on the third year, my cows started getting covered with ticks as did my calves. The ears on my calves started to curl from all the ticks. I freaked and could only put in insecticide ear tags on the calves and poured the babies and cows with the Fly-Ban and within the week the tick population was minimal and my calves ears went back to normal. Now, I use the Fly Ban regularly and not only does it do great with ticks but flies are gone. The down side is that it does not last a month. About 2 weeks for flies and 3 weeks for ticks. It is costly and I try to use it only during high pest population but when you see flies go from all over the animal to nothing and the cows can graze and lay down without constantly trying to get flies off, it is worth it.