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B&G Bulb Dust-R M1150

Product Review (submitted on April 25, 2015):
It was very hard to put dust in it and hard to get the excess dust out since the hole was so small. As far as cleaning, which they recommended if you weren't going to use it for awhile, it was impossible. I would half fill it with water; shake vigorously and empty, and must have done this 100 times, and still didn't get clear water. A duster needs to be designed so it can screw off at the middle or a little higher for easy access to the inside rather than just through the hole the dust comes out.

DIY RESPONSE: Sorry you had issues with the duster. We'll forward your feedback to B&G Manufacturers. Most containers of dust come with a spout that you can pour into the large mouth hole of the duster, but if you're using something like a 5lb bucket of dust, you may need to use some type of scoop. Typically we don't clean dusters since they have a cap that will keep the dust dry. It makes sense that you might want to clean it if you were going to change dusts, but getting it perfectly clean on the inside is unlikely required in most cases.