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Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait

Product Review (submitted on October 11, 2015):
I purchased the larger quantity of this (foolishly) after reading the reviews and thinking this would be the end all for my ant problem. This may work for other varieties of ants, but where I am here in SoCal, the ants haven't touched it. I have used it inside for the ants in my kitchen, outside for the ants in my garden and I think one ant may have accidentally wander close to it once, but soon realized it wasn't anything to eat. I put it in their path and they work extra hard to go around it.

I have tried placing it in bait stations with the off the shelf liquid terro and they continue to drink the terro up, never wandering to the other side where maxforce is. I thought maxforce was supposed to cover both feeding cycles. When they are full of terro, they still don't touch the maxforce.

I'm not sure which product to try next, but I won't be buying it in ant crushing quantity next time. Now I have 4 lb of ant repellent granules.