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Termidor SC - 20 oz +1 gallon Chapin Pump Garden Sprayer

Product Review (submitted on October 22, 2015):

Out here in California where we haven't had ANY rain, we were being INVADED with ANTS!!! And a lot more than usual due to some Fall moisture. Was advised by a friend who does pest control to order this product. Followed the directions from the manufacturer and IMMEDIATELY the invasions ceased. Haven't had (1) ant in the past month. I recommended this product to some local friends here and they too have rid themselves of the ANT problem. Was told I will only have to apply once a year. Directions state not to apply more than 2x a year. No more spiders and other insects either. No insecticide odor. HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is trying to rid themselves of pesty, annoying insects. So HAPPY!!!!!

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