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Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait

Product Review (submitted on October 27, 2015):
I had purchased this to take care of an ever growing ant problem in my house and in my yard. I live in San Diego where ants are a problem all year around in many parts, bringing black widows and destroying the garden, not to mention not very pleasant having them crawling around the kitchen.

I had hoped this would satisfy their protein and sweet cycles, but I have not seen a single ant attracted to this. I have had it out for over a month now with no change. I tired the ants in the house and the ants in the garden, they seem to treat it like debris to avoid. Not once have I seen them attracted to it, or carrying it, or looking in its general direction.

These are not red ants, these are smaller (not pharaoh small) ants. I don't know my ant classifications all that well, but they appear to be your run of the mill ant. I was excited to buy this based on other's reviews and unfortunately purchased the larger quantity, if you are curious to try it, start small would be my advice. Or better yet, try another product. Now I have 4 pounds of useless poison lingering in my garage.