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Havahart 1077 Live Animal Cage Trap

Product Review (submitted on November 11, 2015):
After baiting the trap I kept waiting to find a squirrel in it as there's 3-4 that habitually run around here. I put it in an area where they travel, baited it with unshelled nuts, some half open, and put some toward the back and several under the "trap". A week later, no squirrels but the nuts were gone! I followed the instructions to the letter and even tried to see if it would work before putting it out. A little push on the lever and the door shut as it should. Maybe it takes a 3-5 pound squirrel to trigger it.

How did they get them without tripping the latch? It's been a useless purchase so far as I'm concerned.

DIY RESPONSE: Sorry the trap hasn't worked for you. It sounds like you baited it correctly. If you need assistance to troubleshoot the issue call us: 1-800-476-3368