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Precor Plus Fogger (3 x 3 oz cans)

Product Review (submitted on November 14, 2015):
Let me start by saying that we did NOT have a major infestation of fleas.
My Saturday started with me vacuuming the living room & the hall. We then loaded the dog into the car, I set off the 3 cans of Precor Plus foggers (2 in living room, 1 in the center of our small hall way) and left home going to Pet Smart for a grooming and a bath with flea shampoo (for our pup Fred). After some shopping [to kill the 2 hours wait time stated on the can] we picked up our now flea less Havanese Fred and returned home.
Within minuets I spotted fleas on Fred's white coat!

I'm not sure at this point what kills fleas....... but I can say that it is NOT Precor Plus!!!!!!


DIY RESPONSE: It usually takes more than foggers to end a flea infestation. While foggers will kill active adult fleas, new fleas that were ready to hatch during the fogging will still hatch once the insecticide in the fogger breaks down (This happens within hours, for example after the 2 hours that you waited).

Foggers will decrease the overall population and they also spread a growth inhibitor to combat future fleas, but spot treatments are usually also needed to completely eradicate the population. You can spot treat heavily infested areas with a product such as Alpine Flea Spray: http://store.doyourownpestcontrol.com/pt-alpine-flea-insecticide-igr

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