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Ketch All Mouse Trap - Clear Top

Product Review (submitted on April 14, 2016):
I have had two of these traps set for 6 nights now, both baited with a little peanut butter. We have a LOT of animal activity in our bedroom and have heard what I believed to be the traps go off several times. We have yet to catch any mice despite hearing noises that sound like catches.

My belief is perhaps we have rats instead of mice? I assume they are just too big to get in there, because with the activity we have each night we should have caught them all by now. I was extremely hopeful after reading all the reviews that this would do the trick.

The clear top is extremely poor quality, flimsy, and ill fitting, making me fearful that if I ever did catch anything in it that it could escape the top while I'm trying to move the box.

Overall I'm extremely disappointed and still infested with what I guess are rats. Any advice for catching rats? I can't afford to keep buying traps that don't work.