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InTice Smart Ant Gel (Discontinued)

Product Review (submitted on June 29, 2016):
I finally got around to trying this for argentine ants... first on an ant trail in my kitchen, then bathroom. I never had an over the counter ant product work at all, so I had my fingers crossed.
After placing a few drops on a thick piece of paper and placing it next to the trail in the kitchen, the ants quickly took to it. In an hour all the periphery of the drops were lined with ants feeding off of it. The next morning, the number of ants feeding fell to just a few with no ants on the counter.
The next day I tried it on a different ant trail in my bathroom with the same effect; except here, all the bait was gone the next morning with a few lingering ants. I added more bait to the paper and the feeding population increased once again but died to a trickle near the end of the 2nd day.
To see InTice at work is just amazing. I hope the nest associated with each trail is toast.
The applicator is easy to use with no mess.