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Active Guard Mattress Liners

Product Review (submitted on July 28, 2016):
I was hoping this liner would be the simple answer that I was looking for to get rid of my bed bugs. I was unfortunately wrong. I purchased the twin sized liner, the shipping was speedy and the delivery was quick. I was very excited to get rid of my problem.

Four days with my mattress liner and there has been absolutely no change. Even after following the directions on the bag, I still find bed bugs on the bed, completely unaffected by the liner. Total disappointment. The only thing that the liner has been proven to be good for is spotting the bugs so I can squish them with my own hands. My liner is now heavily blood stained.

Don't waste your money.

Active Guard liners contain Permethrin which is commonly used against Bed Bugs by Pest Control Professionals. These are not intended as a stand alone solution. They work best when used as part of an overall Bed Bug treatment plan, you must still treat the room. Unfortunately 4 days is not long enough to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment plan. Typical treatment plans require a few weeks before results are achieved.

In your case, we recommend that you contact a Professional Pest Control Operator.