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Pivot 10 IGR Concentrate

Product Review (submitted on July 28, 2016):

I've kept this page bookmarked after using the concentrate. My home was thoroughly infested with fleas coming up from under the floorboards from the feral critters (cats, opposums, etc) and latching onto my white & orange cat; he looked black instead of white from all the fleas. I was being eaten alive. First step in the eradication was taking Benny to the vet to be bathed and a script for fleas. Second step was vacuuming all my hardwood floors and dumping the contents into a garbage bag & taking it to the outside can. Third step was preparing the concentrate like the instructions said, then preparing to leave the house until the stuff dried (Benny was secluded away). Fourth step was spraying from the furthest distance from the door I'd be leaving toward the door. Each room was slowly gone over with the spray so I wouldn't miss any sections, and went up around the moulding. I didn;t use the full amount my area called for because I didn't want to drench my floors. They DID get a good soaking though. I also sprayed the area around the door we use constantly on the way out. It's been 1 month since I sprayed. NO FLEAS SINCE!!! When I need to repurchase I will definitly use 'my bookmark'.

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