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Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait

Product Review (submitted on September 7, 2016):
This has been the worst ant year we've had in awhile. With pets I can't sprinkle any poison in the yard, but I used Maxforce to address the ants as they came into the house--putting it out using Bait Plate Insect Bait Stations. I moved the bait station to wherever the ants showed up in the house, and each time I'd almost immediately see the ants jump on the bait and carry it off. Within a week, the ants would get smaller and smaller, fewer and fewer, and then finally disappear. Still dealing with one last stubborn group, but I've gone from seeing hundreds of ants to just a few on any given day, and I'm not seeing any ants around the foundation either. A small container goes a long way. I've shared with my neighbors.