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Fastrac Blox

Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2017):
I am so disappointed! I've used the box store rat " electric " chair and had satisfaction with 8" tails in the trap in the morning. I've used glue traps and got 7 of the wiggling little ba***rds that I had to drown in a bucket to end their miserable little lives. They build nests under the hood of my hot rods, ate though the wall behind the refridgerator, and gave me the finger as they ran past my dogs. I am pretty sure, one rat committed suicide eating a cellulous sponge when I put up the food, but still you could hear my " little friends" in the walls! I got a bucket of FASTRAC BAIT and I set out 6 pieces and but a 1/2 clothes hanger through 3 behind the fridge and 3 behind a cabinet. Got a few gnaws on it. I moved it to tha garage after they rats escaped the glue traps. Now........ silence!
After living with these evil doers ruining food, furniture, appliances, autos, silence, no bodies, no farewell, no goodbye, nada!
I'm so disappointed! No bodies. No closure........ yeah right!!!!!!!!!! Tell your rat friends with your dying breath, STAY AWAY