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Weed Beater Complete Granules - 10 lbs

Product Review (submitted on March 3, 2017):
I also have had great results with this product in north central Texas. I've been using it for 3 1/2 years. It's applied every spring and fall mainly as a pre-emergent but it also helps get eliminate small grassy weeds that did sprout up. No product is going to get rid of 100% of weeds. But in my experience Weed Beater Complete does the best job of any pre-emergent I've tried. There are always a few broadleaf weeds that pop up but I either dig those by hand or spray with a broadleaf weed killer. I have about 8,000 square feet of lawn and never have to dig/spray more than 10-12 broadleaf weeds in any year. Results of any product will vary based on how it's applied, when it's applied and overall health of your turf grass. Not everyone will get the same results but Weed Beater complete is worth a try as you work to determine the best product for your lawn.