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Propest Pheronet Pheromone Pantry Pest Moth Trap

Product Review (submitted on March 31, 2017):
Last year, I was infested by cigarette beetles. Infested!! It was disgusting. I spent weeks chasing them around with a can of bug killer which literally had my whole family choking from the toxic fumes. I realized that it wasn't working, those damn things multiplied by the hundreds daily. I was about to break until I did some research & found Pheronet. Game changer & life saver!! These traps are incredibly effective. They work! I could hardly believe how they drew those nasty lil beetles & caught them. The cycle was broken, the females were left wanting & winter came. I knew that the beetles might return when the weather warmed because I was so heavily infested. I'm not giving them a foothold this time around. I've seen a few & I know exactly what to do, lol! Thanks Pheronet.