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Imidacloprid .5G

Product Review (submitted on June 22, 2017):
The bags come vacuumed sealed, so don't be alarmed as I was (thought I got 3 bags of bricks). Ken in Customer Support quickly answered my concerns in an email in 30 minutes (Lisa followed up 24 hours later). Once I made the first slit ... air escaped and product was there for my use. Application was easy -- as with any granular product, please follow the directions and wear gloves, long pants, goggles and a mask as you should anyway. There was enough product in my 3 bags to apply to 60% of my 1.15 acre yard. I am unsure of what it will do to these darn moles; however, can't blame DIYPC as they delivered. I will be ordering more of this item in Oct and all of my pest control items from DYOPC. Tired of paying $75 every quarter for a tech with an aerosol can visiting my house only to call them back for a retreat. My time is valuable.