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Bonide Sedge Ender Concentrate - 16 oz

Product Review (submitted on July 26, 2017):
In the past I've used several lawn weed killers that also killed nutsedge. They worked okay but it was usually hit or miss, often requiring multiple applications. For some reason, local stores no longer carry those products, so I ordered Sedge Ender online.

There's no hit or miss about this stuff. A few days after spraying with Sedge Ender the nutsedge is brown and shriveled. I happened to notice that it is also supposed to work on crabgrass so I tried it there -- same result.

My only caution would be to be careful about how much is sprayed. With the old stuff I used to use it seemed like more was better. With this, a little goes a long way. Spraying too much can harm the surrounding grass, so take it easy.