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Bonide Sedge Ender Concentrate - 16 oz

Product Review (submitted on August 8, 2017):
I had 4 large patches of horrible nut sedge scattered throughout my yard. I applied the Sedge Ender and noticed a significantly reduced recurrence of the sedge. You have to wait 30 days between applications and I hope that with my next application it will eradicate the remaining sedge. It did give a slight burn to the tips of the surrounding grass but the grass recovered quickly. My reason for not giving the 5th star is that it doesn't go far. I ordered two of the 16oz. concentrate bottles and one bottle only filled my 2 gallon sprayer twice. I have approx. 1 acre of grass and I was only able to treat the heavy areas using one 16oz. bottle of concentrate, saving the second 16 oz. bottle for the second treatment in 30 days. I was hoping to treat the whole acre so that any sedge that may have spread to other areas of the yard would be eliminated but I did not have enough. Overall, product seems to work very well and I am thrilled to find something that kills the sedge, I just wish it went further.