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Drione Dust

Product Review (submitted on October 9, 2017):
Drione dust worked amazingly. I had an aggressive bees nest in railroad ties in a retaining wall so I could not get to the hive. The entrance to the hive was as active as JFK airport so I could see exactly where they were coming and going from.

I waited until nighttime when there was no activity, sprayed some drione around the entrance with the bulb duster and next morning.. no more bees. It's been 2 weeks and I haven't seen 1 bee there.

A few days later I saw a wasp poking around my shed. I don't worry about them anymore since I know if they do make a hive I now have the tools to get rid of them. Great Product!

My only criticism is with the bulb duster, very little control of spraying so it did make a good plume of dust coming out. Maybe it was just me thought. Nevertheless, I used a dust mask and gloves and would recommend the same if you don't want to be breathing this stuff in.