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Residential Spider Kit

Product Review (submitted on November 6, 2017):
I had a problem with spiders this year for some reason. There were a lot around and inside the house: Orbweavers, Grass Spiders, and house spiders (mixed with a few other types).

I started by using the Zenprax in the basement and spot treating the other floors. This seemed to kill a bunch of spiders, centipedes, along with a few stink bugs and earwigs that found their way inside somehow.

A few days later, I mixed up the D-fense SC in a sprayer and sprayed around the house, hitting around the windows/doors and all along the foundation. When I got to the front porch, I was greeted by a few large orbweavers, a bunch of moths, and a bunch of earwigs. This was a problem area because we leave our front porch light on at night. After spending 15 minutes hitting every area I could think of, I moved on. I haven't had a problem with any bugs anywhere since this application (about 4 months since I applied it).

What I love about the D-fense SC is that it doesn't kill right away. The benefit of that is that I don't have to sweep up bugs from around my door - most bugs move on and die out in the yard somewhere.

I just came inside from a second application as a prevention measure, this time using the D-fense SC inside and outside - I'm sure this will last through the winter and into the spring without issue. I'm very happy with my purchase.