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Outbreak Defender

Product Review (submitted on December 17, 2017):
Ordered with Invade BioDrain. I had an outbreak of fruit flies so severe it seemed like a Blizzard in my apartment of fruit fly like flying insects.
i went all over town buying thing to stop them and every thing i tried, killed a lot but more kept coming..First day I just walked around my apartment with outbreak defender and killed as many as i could find, about 90% first day,. Got it down by 95% the second day. I prayed BioDrain would prevent new ones If I could just kill the ones already here. It did. Fruit flies have a 10 day life cycle, after about 10 days I didn't have any. I emailed question to DIT twice and they responded within a day both times. I'm very grateful to them for that & that this corrected my flyng inect problem. Thank you.