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D-Fense SC Insecticide

Product Review (submitted on April 8, 2018):

No odor makes me a happy critter killer. We've added this as part of a whole house war on critters. We moved our chicken coup. We had no idea the plague about to descend. Unlimited food and water for our chickens caused rodents. Not unexpected and had never had any in the house. Suddenly we had hundreds. It is the stuff of horror shows. We concentrated on the rodents. With a ton of help from these guys, after 2 years (yes 2 years). It seemed we were blessedly free. It was time to celebrate. Except I noticed some strange things with our clothes. Who knew fabric eating insects came with the rodents? If I had spent a day thinking about our extensive wardrobes in addition to the rodents, we never would have become insanely infested. So, 1 battle won, a new one begins. I admit I cried when I figured it out. I just wanted normal again. Back to these guys and their help. With knowledge and guidance, this is one of the first products I ordered. We now have a fully integrated plan of action to both salvage as many clothes as we can, keep other common critters like Asian beetles out, and make sure rodents never think our home is a place to even think about. Sadly, even some brand new clothes were too damaged to save. We may farm, but we are both clothes hoarders. We have an insane amount of casual clothes (don't judge. You don't have to want high end designers to become a clothes horse. I will never have enough pairs of my favorite levis. They've been discontinued and I buy every pair I find). Anyway, we moved a bunch from the house to actual storage lockers to save them from the rodents. Rotated stuff for seasonal use and just because. They had all that time for the cloth eating bugs to breed unchecked. Re-infesting the other clothes both in storage and at home with every trip. Anything with a tight or thick weave like swears, my wool peacoats, heavy winter clothes, my beloved silk Jammies, under garments, leather items, and pretty much the most expensive stuff, were the top food desire of the cloth eating scourge. Some stuff, no matter how many times it was treated and cleaned, could not be made bug free. There were too many eggs and tiny larva protected by too many fibers. Even bleach and boiling water didn't work on some as a last resort. We've learned a very expensive lesson. I could almost sit for renewing my applicators license without studying. Because I work with agricultural products. Not residential. And ironically, I only got licensed because we're organic. I needed more knowledge about what was available to us, and what the wind might bring from the neighbors fields. Sadly products we'd never use on the farm, had to be used inside because we had to be very realistic about the dangers they posed against the damage and illnesses the rodents and cloth eating bugs posed. Residual action is important to win the long war. Paired with the natural stuff like cimexa, and we've got a system in place that's working. We've literally saved thousands getting help here instead of what would have been too many visits from exterminators. Like lawyers, exterminator aren't necessarily motivated to get things done quickly and permanently. No bugs equals no work. Not that they don't do a vital job. I had a good friend in high school I heard took over his father's business. Haven't seen him since then, and I live States away now or I probably would have called him. The length of time that this whole deal took, is knowledge enough to know after a while, the financial costs would have overwhelmed us. We're a small 80 acres. Not a big megafarm. If we hadn't been able to do it ourselves to save money, the financial crisis might have been the end. A person can't stay healthy surrounded by bugs and rodents inside their home. So, thank God for Do It Yourself. We've spent a small fortune, but kept the farm and can live peacefully in our house. A win all the way around.

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