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T1 Disposable Rat Bait Station

Product Review (submitted on May 13, 2018):
The rats know our yards and homes better than we do. People have no idea how much wildlife is around and it is so easy for them to find ways inside our homes. I use these all over the porch, yard, field and everywhere. They need birth control, so this is the way I'm doing it. Even bought some smaller ones by accident on amazon, but am using them too. I'm sure the dead rats and mice are under the vegetation, but only see a couple small ones in the driveway occassionally.

The bait goes within a month, so you know the rodents are eating it. I have no doubts about this product and buy them 6 at a time. I like the recycle nature of the dispenser too. At work we use the reuseable ones, but I need something I don't have to fuss with much, just place and forget it. I use one on each side of my house plus extras on the porch.