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Carpenter Bee Kit- Pro

Product Review (submitted on July 23, 2018):

Had 3 bee hole entrances under my nice cedar mantel on my covered outdoor fireplace and 2 entrances on some wood shutters. Started with the Tempo dust in the bulb, followed the instructions including protection; make sure you have a mask, glasses and long rubber gloves, it is a fine dust and you don’t want to breath it! I dusted the crap out of the holes using the flexible tube; that was mandatory in my case, the bee channels must have been 1-3 feet long an in two different directions, critical to puff it deep down the tunnels. Stood back and immediately started hearing buzzing inside the mantel and out came the bees, staggering in a white dust coating, falling to the ground. 36 bees came out of my 5 foot wide mantel, I couldn’t believe how many were in there! They just dropped on the ground withering. I graciously put them out of their misery with a gentle crunch of my foot; very satisfying since they were trying to destroy my mantle. 5 more out of the shutters; found several more the next day on the ground. Sprayed all surfaces the next day with the Cyzmic, no activity for several days. Then I saw one bee return, hovered around but wouldn’t even land; left after about 5 minutes, Haven’t seen another bee once. This stuff is fantastic! My exterminator sprayed earlier and said his treatment would take care of them, but it did nothing. This is the price of one treatment and solved it immediately. Highly recommend it!

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