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Onslaught Insecticide

Product Review (submitted on August 19, 2018):

Amazing stuff!

To make the bait - 10 drops of Onslaught into a can of tuna or canned cat food and mix it in. Divide the tuna up into four zip lock bags and throw three in the freezer. You won't need much each day.

To make the bait holder - Use a pill or vitamin bottle and drill out a 1/2 inch hole with a flat bit in the side of the bottle. Then use a small drill bit and drill a hole in the top of the bottle to run a string or wire through.

Bait and hang - put a pea sized piece of the tuna with the Onslaught in it and hang them outside around your home. Check the bait each day. If it dries out either put a bit of water on it or replace with a new fresh piece of poisoned tuna. The yellow jackets will take the poisoned meat back to the hive and the whole hive will die.

If you keep fresh bait in the holders, you will see a dramatic reduction in less than two weeks.

Note: This won't hurt honey bees as they don't eat meat. A friend has honey bees and he uses this exact system outside his hives to kill the yellow jackets, wasps and hornets that attack his honey bees.

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