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Bonide Sedge Ender Concentrate - 16 oz

Product Review (submitted on September 8, 2018):
I am not sure why I have seen a couple comments that this does not work! I applied it at a rate of 5.5 oz/gallon of water and 3 days later all the Goosegrass I sprayed was dead. Now I will say the great big huge ones got really sick and look like they are going to croak, but I gave them a second drink and it finished them off too. I did not waste it on crabgrass but my spot test killed it to, but slowly. I use quinchlorac for crabgrass and it gets 100% but does not touch the goosegrass. So Bonide for goosegrass ( and I had Geesegrass as they were so thick) and quinchlorac ( available also from Do It Yourself Pest control in 1 pound bottles) Neighbors are asking what I am doing to make my yard so weed free