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PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Insecticide Aerosol with IGR

Product Review (submitted on November 24, 2018):
Save your money and buy this first!! Don't try cheaper stuff you find at Walmart or Lowe's this is the only thing that worked in my house. I have never had a flea infestation to the extent that happened this past month. Nothing worked. Spent well over $50 dollars on stuff I could find at my local stores. Nothing worked. Did some research...and I found this. I should have purchased it the moment I found it. Literally sprayed then 2 hours later inspected my room like I always do since that's where most of the flea population was. Nothing was alive in there. And trust me I checked throughly. This has never happened to my house since we have an all tile house. Definitely will purchase a couple more just to have on hand. I have a second can since I purchased two just in case. Only used one for my entire house. Will use the second can for a second treatment in two weeks as recommended online more for a precautionary measure than anything else.