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Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Bait

Product Review (submitted on April 16, 2019):

The most effective product I've ever used. Not a single roach in sight. Had a bad problem outside from leaving dry cat food out at night for feral cats on my street. 20 to 25 or more giant wood roaches a night and German roaches too. I needed a product for both types ,American and German roaches. Have not seen a single one since putting out product as directed. I have treated inside my house for the occasional intruder. I waisted a lot of money and time on store bought products with no results. I even went out every night with an old shoe and slaughtered as many as I could which was both disgusting and disturbing, Fast nasty bugs! Don't waste any more money or time on popular name brands in stores. Shipping was extremely fast and the product is extremely effective. My personal vendetta with roaches is over! My cat food stays out still, with out a roach in sight.

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