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JT Eaton's Nectus 2G Soft Bait Second Generation Rodenticide

Product Review (submitted on September 4, 2019):
I bought this product for a MAJOR mouse infestation in an apartment house in New York City, I previously tried to control the problem with a Diphenadione based poison, but the mice were immune to that bait.

This product is Bromadiolone based, and worked on the mice resistant to first generation anticoagulant poisons.

Note that mice are much harder to kill than rats with anti-coagulant poisons. For whatever reason, they must ingest about 10 times the amount as a rat, in proportion to their body weight, to kill them.

Also, for your safety, please use disposable gloves when handling this bait. And wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.

This appears to be the best all around bait on the market, in my opinion. The rodents like it. It works in about a week to 10 days. And it has an antidote.

Do not buy the rodent bait based on Bromethalin, which is a potent neurotoxin with NO KNOWN ANTIDOTE. It may solve the rodent problem faster, but it is unreasonably dangerous.to people and pets.