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Tempo Dust

Product Review (submitted on September 18, 2019):
I had a hive of wasps or hornets under my cement patio (between ground and cement). I tried 2 cans of wasp spray from local hardware store, I tried burying the hive entrance, I tried drowning the hive with water- with absolutely no results. I ordered Tempo dust with 1150 duster (bulb duster) and it killed them with one application! I arose early in morning when chilly and dark (5am in Sept) on my birthday. I added abt 6 oz to bulb and a quarter as well to help loosen things up when I shook the container. Make sure you read directions and don't add too much powder to bulb. Also add a coin and shake between each spray to make each spray the most effective. Don't apply when windy. It did clog up a few times, but I was able to get it working each time by shaking the container well between sprays. Make sure you use a mask/eye protection/disposable gloves/old clothes. I washed my clothing a took a shower immediately application. Wonderful product--I highly recommend!!!!!