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JT Eaton Insecticidal Duster Hand Bellow Duster

Product Review (submitted on October 9, 2019):
Tempo 1% dust and hand bellow duster worked great. I had yellow jackets build 2 nests in my siding. 1 nest had gotten inside, other had not. Called an exterminator and they got the inside one, but not the outside.
Just dusted the outside and in 5 minutes literally watching them drop. It's a beautiful sight, as these guys have been here a long time, and countless sprays haven't done it. Filled 1/2 with dust, dropped a quarter in along with the ball that came with it. I had to get up/under siding so I wasn't sure if it would work. It did.
Thanks, guys. Wish I had started with you instead of the exterminator.