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German Roach Spray Kit

Product Review (submitted on November 21, 2019):
I was at my wits end battling a German roach infestation when we bought the house.
I stumbled upon your web site trying to find a inexpensive solution.
The day it arrived I told my hubby this is war and I'm going kill every one of them. He kinda giggled at me maybe thinking I was losing my mind a little bit and I was. THIS WAS NOW WAR!
As soon as I started putting down traps and
( peanut butter that's what we call it) the Tekko Pro we waited with excitement.
It was not a couple of hours and the dead soldiers started showing up belly side up squirming and some unable to move.
My hubby turned to me in amazement and said
"Damn honey. You were not kidding. They are dying left and right. It became a nightly treat for us to see how may dead soldiers were awaiting our arrival.
We would actually count them lol.
The population went down quickly and after 6 weeks we could not see any more.
This kit is amazing. You are amazing.