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Temprid FX Insecticide

Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2020):
As a professional pest control technician, this is the only thing I use on bedbugs. That said, meticulous attention to detail and sufficient effort to gain access to hidden areas of infestation is a must. Check places like lamp shades, felt on the bottom of lamps, clothes hampers inside and out, slats under box springs, slots that receive side rails, the metal brackets that often are used to attach rails to headboards, seams of mattresses and box springs, exposed upholstered edges, baseboards, window frames and casings. It is a good idea to detach the headboard and inspect it carefully upside down, especially near joints and raised panels. Sometimes they will be in or around electrical outlets near the bed. Do not use this product to treat around electrical components. That would be an electrocution hazard. A dust insecticide is better for that but usually not necessary in my experience. The key to good control is attention to detail and a focus on hiding places near the center of the infestation and radiating out from there. They prefer to be very close to their host person and will be found in larger numbers close to the headboard diminishing with distance. That does not preclude small pockets of activity in areas away from the main area. Also it is likely that they might be carried to other areas such as sofas on blankets, pillows, etc. Just because something is labeled for bedbugs does not mean it will kill them. It just means it is not illegal. Temprid FX will kill them and is an excellent professional grade product. It must be used with caution and sobriety and will work well without abusing the safety recommendations. Do not spray over an entire mattress. It won’t help and is dangerous. I hope this is helpful.