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Flyweb Fly Light Insect Trap

Product Review (submitted on January 6, 2020):
I'm giving it 5 stars, although I have yet to attempt trading out the sticky paper.
We have cluster flies at my work (they come out in the fall...but are very lethargic, and dying and fall from ceiling (maybe they aren't dead?? but are in their hibernating state?? who knows, it's gross!)
I thought most were already hiding in walls, or had been vacuumed up, but this is the second year we've had them! - I ordered these traps, and plugged one in the storage room upstairs (that is open to all the "attic" type area of the offices below) and it's primarily dark up there, and the thing filled up in just a couple days!!
I highly recommend, and I have another plug in and will be ordering extra sticky paper for next fall (in hopes of getting rid of this infestation!!)