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Invict Xpress Granular Bait

Product Review (submitted on January 9, 2020):
Crazy ants have been wreaking havoc in my yard for about three years. A few times I have seen that there was no sign of them. The problem is that my neighbors have not treated their yards. So as soon as all the granules are gone from my yard, the ants come back.
My first order was for the 25 pounds of the Invict Express Granular Bait. I have just in the last few days used the last of it. Now I am going to prepare to keep it around the parameter of my yard in the areas which are on the sides where my neighbors are not treating for them. I will keep some of this on hand to be prepared when I see them again.
The important thing is to be sure and check for them on a regular basis. And when you see signs of them, be prepared to treat your lawn. It will take years for my lawn to recover.