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InVict Gold Cockroach Gel

Product Review (submitted on January 21, 2020):

Ok so I’ve used this stuff twice in different households well 3 because a gave some to my neighbor whom I shared my duplex with ... my mothers neighbor moved and when she did all the roaches came to my mothers. I purchased this and applied it and roaches were gone in 2 weeks and still are gone ... this was 6 years ago! The second was my duplex ... when I looked at the house there was an indication roaches had been there but didn’t see one... move in infestation HORRIBLE ... because I’ve never used bombs I was unaware that all the roaches would travel to my neighbors. She knocked on my door kinda upset but more frustrated because she said she had dealt with the infestation for 2 years to no avail. I told her about how I used this at my mothers and she was VERY DOUBTFUL! She said she tried EVERYTHING! I ordered four syringes of this 2 for her house 2 for mine and told her what to do. We both placed it in our homes... 2 weeks not a roach in site... she thanked me after the 2 weeks passed. A whole entire year later were chatting and she says to me “ I have not seen ONE ROACH” since we used that stuff Thanks so much ! So when I tell you this stuff is amazing it is worth every penny on the planet!! Highly recommend!

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