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Agrisel Surflan Pro

Product Review (submitted on March 13, 2020):
I measured the coverage of my sprayer then mixed at the proper concentration of 2.2 oz per 1000 sq ft. (My 1 gal pump sprayer covers 500 sq ft so I mixed 1.1 oz per gallon.) The concentrate is super orange and the spray exiting the nozzle was orange but it did not “mark” the ground as I had expected. I had to work quickly so I could see the wet edge but absolutely no color once applied.

It rained 2 days later to properly activate. It is now 3 weeks later and I have some new weeds popping up but definitely much less than usual for this time of year (and less weeds than my neighbors have).

So, mixed review. It works well but why was it not orange enough to mark my crushed gravel yard in Arizona? Am I missing something or do I need to add a dye? Problem is the blue or green dye added to orange will produce brown.....my gravel is brown.