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Monterey Consan 20

Product Review (submitted on April 3, 2020):

I have to say I have some reservations about making this post so with this in mind, I am just informing others of what I am doing in regards to protecting myself and my family from the Corona-19 Virus and in no way endorsing or encouraging others to do the same.

As a retired restoration specialist back when we had so many homes flooded in Texas I made suggestions to neighbors as what to do to minimize the property loss. One product I mentioned to kill mold & mildew was "Consan-20" this product can also be found under the trade name of "Triple Action 20". It has been marketed under several different trade names, as it was originally created to sterilize hospital operating rooms, but it is the same product. Consan-20 is what is called a Quaternary Ammonium Compound, which is an algaecide, fungicidal, bactericidal, and virucidal. It is not a bleach and does not cause damage like a bleach. After the floods many neighbors responded to tell me how well Consan worked when other product did not.

I personally have been using Consan at home and in business for over 50 years. My family was friends with the chemical engineer that started the original company. Having a close relationship with the owner I learned more about the product than what is printed on the EPA flyer.

As a young man, I first used Consan in my nursery/landscaping business back in the 1960’s as it safe to use on all plants and grasses, it kills fungus, mold & mildew on contact.

My wife and I used Consan to sanitize our scuba equipment for 30 years. The owner of the Consan Company said the product was safe to use on fabrics, silicone, rubber, regulators, plastics, etc. etc. and I have found this to be true. Alcohol can damage these items.

In my restoration business we used Consan to kill mold & mildew and the associated odors from water damage. I also used it to control smoke odor from fires. We used it in carpet cleaners to eliminate any odors. We used it to sanitize all surfaces, our safety equipment, respirators, hoses, etc. There were a lot of other products on the market costing a lot more, but we found none as effective Consan.

My wife uses Consan in the clothes washer rinse cycle when she wants anything sterilized. We spray down the bathroom showers and tile with Consan on a regular basis. I use it on the exterior of my house to kill mold & mildew on masonry and siding.

Consan is not medically approved and this is by NO means a recommendation, but I and several friends have
over the years used diluted Consan to soak our feet in the mix to eliminate athlete’s foot fungus quickly.

Now to my point; since some are now selling a $3 bottle hand sanitizer for a $100 and most stores are out. A lot of people are looking for a product to sanitize and most know alcohol is not the best choice.

So a little inside Consan information; years ago when the herpes type 2 virus was making its rounds the owner of Consan had the product tested and I was privileged to read the lab report, which said, a diluted mix of Consan destroyed all strains of herpes virus on contact. The owner’s wife always carried a small spray bottle of diluted Consan in her purse to sanitize public restrooms before use.

Consan will destroy the Corona-19 virus! EPA tests say it does and tests by others says it will destroy the virus in under 5 seconds on contact. The ALPH (Association of Public Health Laboratories) article on chemical surface disinfection discussing Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, (which Consan-20 is one of) I found this statement, “Quaternaries sold as hospital disinfectants are generally fungicidal, bactericidal, and virucidal against lipophilic (enveloped) viruses”. Covid-19 is an enveloped virus just as is the Herpes virus.

As a side note, Consan-20 is the number one product used in the poultry industry to sterilize poultry houses. It was the only product that sterilized 100%.

I am using a diluted mix of Consan for all our sanitation needs, including a hand sanitizer.
A diluted mix is one to three teaspoons per gallon of water, so a one quart bottle of Consan will make over 64 gallons of sanitizing mix. I put one Tablespoon of Consan-20 in a gallon of distilled or clean water to use for everything. Consan-20 is an industrial strength concentrate and it must be diluted, no not use full strength as nothing is gained.

A small fine mist spray bottle can be carried in pocket or purse to sanitize whatever it is sprayed on. If I go into a store I immediately spray the shopping cart and my hands and respray as necessary. I have several 2 quart hand held pressurized sprayers ($5.99 at Harbor Freight) I keep one in the car and spay down what goes into my vehicle. I have a sprayer at the front door of my home and I spray down all arriving mail and deliveries before they are brought inside.

I use the Consan mix in an ultrasonic humidifier to produce a fog like mist to sanitize a room. On occasion I have placed an ultrasonic humidifier in an HVAC return air duct with the fan only running so the vapor is pulled into the system and ductwork to sanitize. This should only be done when people and pets are not in the areas as inhaling chemicals is not usually a good thing!

Consan-20 is usually available at places like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and online at Amazon, Do It Yourself Pest Control. Just do an online search “Consan for Sale” to find it. A week ago a quart of Consan-20 at Ace was $20; that would make 64 gallons of my mix, so it is a lot less expensive and more effective than alternatives.

The original owner of Consan has long since passed and I have no affiliation with the company and derive no financial benefit from the company. If one person finds this information useful in any way or makes their life safer then I accomplished my goal.

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