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Carpenter Bee Kit- Pro

Product Review (submitted on May 6, 2020):

I had seen a few carpenter bees flying around my rear deck from time to time but didn’t think it was too bad of an issue until I recently inspected the underside of my deck and found I had about 12-15 carpenter bee holes. So I did some online research and came across this website and thought I’d try a DIY approach to solve my little issue. Delivery was prompt. The instructions that were included were extremely through and I followed them exactly. Early one cool spring morning I applied the pesticide with a sprayer and then dusted each of the holes. The next day I inspected the area and to my surprise there about 15-20 dead bees on the ground, and I noticed that nearly every hole had a dead bee stuck inside it! It’s now been about 3 weeks since the one and only application and there has zero bee activity. I was a skeptic at first about a DIY as I’m typically not very handy or willing to try, but this pesticide and dusting really impressed me.

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