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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Product Review (submitted on July 6, 2020):

Just built a new raised back deck and wanted to keep the carpenter bees away before I could stain/seal it. The bees were flying around the new wood, probably going over the menu. Anyway, I ordered this, followed the directions exactly for carpenter bees, and they, quite literally, instantly went away. I was swatting four or five bees a day with a tennis racket both before I rebuilt the deck and after. Haven't seen them back since! I sprayed about two months ago and still haven't seen any. I was so impressed that I also sprayed the front porch as well. There was already several bee holes in the wood, so I just sprayed the inside of the holes and all over the porch. I swear, I haven't seen a single carpenter bee since. Anywhere. I used the product on those stupid little black ants (sugar ants, I believe), and that killed them as well. Sometimes not on contact, but once they're hit, they die. It doesn't prevent them from coming back, as I had hoped it would, but I bought this for carpenter bees, not ants.

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