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Ketch All Mouse Trap - Clear Top

Product Review (submitted on July 10, 2020):
We just moved into a house in a wooded area where the previous owners had seasonal mice coming into the attic. We are working with a professional pest control company to get ahead of any fall invaders, but I wanted to reduce the population outside our house beginning this summer without the use of bait or traps that could harm our other wildlife (owls and raptors). The pest control company didn’t have any options that I thought were safe for outdoor use, so I ordered three of these to try in addition to what the company is doing. I set up the traps as instructed and had one live mouse by the second night!! I think these traps will be perfect for what we’re trying to accomplish and helps me sleep well knowing there is no way for another animal to get poisoned or caught up in a snapping trap. While I like the clear top because it’s easy to see in, I found it a little fussy to get the plastic set under the metal lip in order to secure it. I think I had one escapee on my first night because the plastic lid was not secured correctly and was slightly lifted in the morning. The plastic also seems a little thin and I’m hoping to get a couple of years out of it before it becomes too brittle. However, compared to the price of a pest control service and even the good quality snap traps these are worth it for outdoor use. I also like that you don’t need to use bait which could attract other pests.