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Cyzmic CS Insecticide

Product Review (submitted on July 15, 2020):

My girlfriend and I just purchased a house in the high desert. When we moved in we were killing anywhere between 1-3 huge wolf spiders each day on top of countless beetles and other types of bugs. We were going crazy because we had to inspect everything in the house before we could touch it. I bought an 8 oz bottle of Cyzmic CS to try it and upon spraying it I have not seen a single wolf spider in over a month and are now getting small spiders every so often inside. We now have to clean up dead bodies of not only spiders but cockroaches, beetles, flys, and so many more. I was surprised that this stuff actually worked because I did not believe the reviews. We just noticed a huge anthill today with hundreds of large black ants, and after we sprayed it took roughly five mins and we noticed there were so many dead bodies in our lawn. After seeing how this stuff works, and upon running out I decided to purchase the 32oz with no hesitation. This stuff actually makes me feel comfortable in my own house again without having to worry about a large wolf spider climbing across my couch while I am sitting there (yes, that actually happened).

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