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Proflex Insecticide Encapsulated Solution

Product Review (submitted on July 19, 2020):
I take care of the pest control myself. I am in South Florida. Along with the usual pests of roaches and ants, etc., I have a good amount of vegetation and large awning on my patio. I am always chasing the mosquitoes with pesticides and whatever else I can try to find an answer. I was hopeful when I read about this product. I sprayed as usual and added Proflex to my mix. At first, I was not impressed. It didn't seem to make a difference and I was let down. During the summer months I usually spray the perimeter of my house and patio once a month. About 1-2 weeks after I sprayed, I started noticing less and less mosquitoes. For the last 3 weeks, I don't even worry about leaving a door open(except for letting out the a/c air) and have to chase mosquitoes in the house. I may see one or two, but that is it. I can sit outside day or night on my patio, which was just impossible at night on my patio in the summer with all the rain, heat and vegetation on my property. So, I am very happy with this product right now. I just sprayed my second time today, which is almost 5 weeks since the first application. I am using up the rest of the products mixed in, and I will see if the concoction is what is working or this product alone. As I said earlier, this is the first time I have ever thought that a product has worked well for me for mosquitoes. It seems that the fleas for my outdoor pets are better as well. It is pricey would be my only complaint about the product. However, as of right now, it is worth it since you only have to buy one product, hopefully. I look forward to continued use of Proflex and hopefully it will keep the mosquitoes, fleas and other bugs away. Thank you.