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Product Review (submitted on July 23, 2020):
This stuff is a Godsend. I had a HORRIBLE infestation of Canadian Thistle on my creekbank that were taking over the dayliillies, Hellebores and Hostas that I had planted over a series of several years. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the Thistles- I tried digging them out (several times), tried spraying them with Roundup without hitting the other plants which was practically IMPOSSIBLE to do and even tried cutting the thistles down and painting the thistle stubs with concentrated Round Up and NOTHING worked. I had about given up hope of ever getting my creekbank back when I stumbled across this product. Based on the reviews I saw I gave the product a shot despite the high price because I was DESPERATE to rid myself of these 5 foot tall garden menaces. When I sprayed them the first time I hit the thistles with a solution that was twice as concentrated as what the label called for and to my surprise the 5" tall thistles started wilting significantly within two days. After a couple of weeks, I hit the thistles again with a second treatment. I'm not sure if the second treatment was necessary but after a couple more weeks the thistles completely dried up and they have not returned. I have my beautiful creekbank back thanks to Thistledown- thank you Monterrey for making such a great product!

FYI- I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I sprayed the thistles in Mid May just before they started to bloom. When I sprayed them, the thistles were 4-5' foot tall. To say the least I was VERY surpised and impressed with the results and I think you will be happy too!